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Ocean Freight

We offer one of the best cost effective and prompt ocean freight in the shipping industry, delivering your goods intact and free from any damage.

Import & Export

Our export & import services covers a wide range of goods and products, we export from Ghana to anywhere and import from any country to Ghana.

Clearing & Forwarding

We offer top-notch clearing and forwarding services, we adhere to custom formalities, coordinate with the carrier and also handle delivery.

Transport & Warehousing

We provide warehousing with detailed inventory and provide transportation to move goods from one location to the other at a competitive price.

Logistics & Consultancy

We will help you identify and also improve the efficiency of all your distribution network, boost productivity and help you save on operational costs.

General Merchants

We are also into general merchandise, which mostly consists of various non-perishable goods, such as shoes, clothes, electronics, furniture, etc.